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18 Kt Pink Gold Plating


s.r.l. - Placcatura Oro Rosa 18 KtThe process of electroplating allows to coat a metal object with a layer of precious metal, such as 18 Kt pink gold , as we know. The electroplating provides an important pre-treatment stage which guarantees the aesthetic result and the durability: the removal of fat and the buffing of the object to be plated are fundamental. To do this we proceed with solvents and bleaches, and only after we will begin the actual electroplating. The procedure consists of immersing the object in a tank containing a solution containing ions of 18 kt pink gold, which blend with the object through electrolysis.

Important differences in results are found depending on the choice of the duration of the bath, its temperature, the voltage of the electric current, the preparation of the solution and the constant detection of the values of the precious metal that is deposited on the object.


Our 18 Kt Pink Gold Plating process

ARgentAR s.r.l.'s process of 18Kt pink gold plating uses a bath that deposits an alloy of 18 Kt Au-Cu with a reduced tendency to oxidation. ARgentAR s.r.l.'s many years of experience has allowed optimizations and extremely positive results, both in objective and practical terms: perfect aesthetics, resistance to abrasion and resistance to weathering.


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