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24 Kt Gold Plating

Argentar s.r.l. - Placcatura Oro 

24 KtThe purity of gold alloys is indicated with the term "carat". The origin of this term comes from ancient Arabic, which means "twenty-fourth part of a set consisting of 24 parts." The 24 Kt gold plating is therefore a pure gold coating on the treated metal. Pure 24 Kt gold in itself is an extremely flexible and workable material, but for the same reason, in jewelry, we prefer not to use it as a main material: the jewelry obtained would be extremely delicate, and the slightest bump could cause physical alterations or cosmetic damage to the material, given its low mechanical strength. 



Our 24 Kt Gold Plating process

Argentar s.r.l. - Placcatura Oro 

24 KtThe 24 kt gold plating process of ARgentAR s.r.l. uses a bath which has a deposit of pure gold with  a hardness of 180 Vikers, and that can deposit up to 10 microns in thickness. The ARgentAR s.r.l. plating therefore offers high resistance to impact and abrasion, allowing the natural use of the material in the composition of the jewelry.

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