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About Us

ARgentAR s.r.l. - Interni LaboratorioIn 2003, Fabio Ferradino, who has 15 years of experience in galvanic baths management, and Gian Luca Susini, chemist, with approx. 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of jewelery and plating baths, met for the first time.
Susini's experience joins forces with the ability and desire to work of an young enterprising man.
Being in agreement instantly, ARgentAR s.r.l. was founded in 2004, which starts with the conferral of the old facilities of Susini's DORAR.

The combination is a successful and soon ARgentAR s.r.l. is equipped with the latest generation facilities and monitoring and measurement devices for the deposits. (X-ray measurer).ARgentAR s.r.l. - Interni Laboratorio

In 2011, there are seven employees and the turnover stood at EUR 1,200,000.00.

ARgentAR s.r.l. in 2011, invests in a nanoparticle ceramic-based cataforetic paint facility which once set up will expand the service made available to customers with a finish of endurance unmatched for both oxidation and abrasion.

Currently ARgentAR s.r.l. has 4 baths for colors, 2 baths for thick 24 Kt gold plating, 2 baths for pure palladium, 2 baths for rhodium, a bath for 18 K red gold plating, a bath for black palladium , 2 300 liters baths for silver , a 900 liters bath for nickel and one 700 liters bath for shiny copper plating. ARgentAR s.r.l. - 

Interni LaboratorioAll this is accompanied by 4 donut shaped vibrators and a magnetic needle vibrator.

ARgentAR s.r.l. also has centrifugal dryers, drying ovens and all the accessories needed for a producing a high level of quality.




10 anni di attività
ARgentAR s.r.l.
celebrates 10 years in business!

ArgentAR s.r.l. thanks its customers for their trust over the years. The Company Staff and Management come together to offer their availability and their professional experience by offering lucrative opportunities for business collaboration and relationships, based on the complete customers satisfaction: those who already know us and those who we will have the pleasure know in future.

ArgentAR s.r.l. Galvanic Treatments







ARgentAR srl

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