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Acid Copper Plating

Argentar s.r.l. - Bagno Rame Acido The acid copper electroplating allows you to make deposits of copper on the surface of the treated object. It is typically applied on brass and bronze items, while it is not feasible on iron items, because such metal, once immersed in the solution of copper sulphate and sulfuric acid, features the phenomenon of "cementing".
The aesthetic results of this process are very aesthetically pleasing, and offers the advantage of eliminating the risks of atmospheric corrosion, also it allows to create the best conditions for operating a later nickel plating. The so-called "copper plating" can be carried out exclusively by the electrolytic process, which involves the use of a solution of copper sulphate and sulfuric acid. This combination allows us to increase the attachment of the anodes, since it increases the electrical conductivity of copper ions.
Let it be also noted that the electroplated copper has a different distribution depending on the shape of the surface being covered: for example, more angular areas will have a particularly thick coverage. However, the penetration obtained by the electrolytic process is excellent..


Our Acid Copper Plating process

Argentar s.r.l. - Bagno Rame AcidoThe results of acid copper electroplating process obtained from ARgentAR s.r.l. are extremely positive: the bath of copper and sulfuric acid, which is used on bronze and brass items allows to create a uniform and very shiny finish, and has a much lower buffing cost.

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