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Black palladium plating

Palladio Nero - Argentar s.r.l.Out of the elements of the platinum group, palladium is as overall more abundant in the earth's crust. In its natural state palladium is located next to other elements of the platinum group, which are osmium, ruthenium, rhodium and iridium, in all its deposits. Palladium is also contained in the metal sulphide deposits of the Katanga and Canada, resulting from the nickel, copper and silver metallurgy. The extraction procedure is carried out by treating anode muds from the refining of these metals.
The natural color of palladium is a silver-white, so to get a galvanic process suitable for producing a coating of black palladium it is necessary to work a lot on the parameters of the bath. Parameter tests are used to find the right percentage of palladium, so that it does not leave unwanted deposits or suspensions in the solution. It is also necessary to identify a chemical family of blackeners that react with palladium: once you reach the desired color you must proceed to the characterization of the alloy to verify their composition.


Our Black palladium plating process

ARgentAR s.r.l. deals with black palladium: the deposit is of a black gunmetal that is very resistant to abrasion, and is accepted by the nations in which ruthenium is prohibited. Also, the resulting color is extremely dark and shiny, and the deposit obtained is less sensitive to scratching compared to black ruthenium.


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