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E-coating with ceramic nanoparticles

Argentar s.r.l. - E-CoatingThe coating with ceramic nanoparticles is highly effective for improving the corrosion resistance of all kinds of metals, while being highly environmentally friendly. The nano-ceramic coating process replaces the conversion process to hexavalent chromium. This procedure can also be adopted only as a superficial finish, and subsequently to any other electroplating procedure, to improve resistance to wear.
The solutions used can be water based or solvent based, depending on the application. Also the e-coating can be applied on metallic parts in various ways: via spraying, dipping, or by an immersion and centrifugation process.

The next phase of e-coating consists of an exposure baking for about 10 minutes.


Our e-coating with ceramic nanoparticles process

Argentar s.r.l. - E-CoatingThe e-coating process of ARgentAR s.r.l. originates from a thin and dense nanoceramic coating on the metal surface. The resistance to corrosion of the material improves very significantly, and outperforms the effectiveness of hexavalent chromium methods. Please remember that the e-coating process of ARgentAR s.r.l. offers a high resistance to abrasion, thanks to a constant thickness of about 5 microns, perfectly transparent, fully respecting the rules of environmental sustainability.


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