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Old Silver and Gold Plating

The tradition of making jewelry with precious metals is ancient. Man has always tried to adorn himself with items that are hard to find which gave them prestige within a community, since the earliest times. The uniqueness and value of antique jewelry, that is still well preserved, are obviously extremely high, also the long passing of time has given this jewelry a particularly fascinating aesthetic. In addition to the type of processing and assembly of the jewelry, that came with the less evolved methods thus less precise, ancient jewelry in gold and silver is in fact characterized by a often not uniform coloring, which combines blackened areas with reddish, yellow and pinkish areas for gold, and blackened, greyish and white areas for silver .


Our Old Silver and Gold Plating process

ARgentAR s.r.l., consciously, over the years have increased their commitment in giving products an antiquated look. The plating process, developed by ARgentAR s.r.l., manages to faithfully reproduce the appearance of antique jewelry, giving the final product the credibility and the special charm of coloration described above, and at the same time guaranteeing excellent quality of the treatment.


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