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Palladium plating

Palladium plating is a galvanic process that allows to coat any metal with palladium. The palladium belongs to the platinum group. Its silvery white appearance makes it particularly suitable for the coating processes.
Palladium is a precious noble metal like gold, platinum and silver. It does not oxidize in air and it is the element with the least density and the lowest melting point of all the platinum group. Its most common uses are in jewelery, as a coating, and in industry, as a catalyst.
The industrial extraction of palladium and other elements of the platinum group is performed starting from their concentrates that are obtained from refining non-ferrous metals, such as lead, copper and nickel.
In the case of special minerals, found mainly in Canada and in South Africa, you can proceed directly to the extraction.


Our Palladium plating process

Palladiatura - Argentar s.r.l.ARgentAR s.r.l. deals with Palladium plating: the layer of palladium is put as a diffusion barrier when we are in the presence of gold-flashing or thickner plating, and to make the rhodium more resistant to corrosion. Palladium plating is generally performed on silver, to prevent it darkening, and on white gold to enhance the sparkle. This action of palladium plating makes the coated object stainless forever, because it is resistant to all oxidizing agents.

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