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Rhodium Plating

Argentar s.r.l. - RodiaturaRhodium is a silvery-white metal that is part of the platinum group. Its extraction is particularly complex, as it is found in nature mixed with other metals. Given its limited availability and difficulty of extraction it appears to be the most precious metal in the world.
The process of rhodium electroplating is a type of surface treatment that allows you to make a brighter white gold. The rhodium, through electrolysis, is deposited and layers the jewelry, which will be enriched by the higher sheen. On request it is also possible to apply the rhodium silver jewelry and items, to improve their appearance, and also to increase their resistance to oxidation and abrasion. The process of rhodium plating involves two separate stages of electrolysis: with the first phase that takes care of degreasing, followed by a wash in running water and then in distilled water. The second stage involves the immersion in a solution of rhodium, followed by a washing in running water and finally hot air drying.

It is also possible to apply the rhodium plating only certain sections of a jewelry, thanks to the application of a special insulating paint on the areas that are not to be coated.


Our Rhodium Plating process

The research made by ARgentAR s.r.l. has allowed us to optimize our process of rhodium plating. The use of modern methods allow the company to carry out works of rhodium plating which are very shiny, and that results in a particularly clear coating.

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