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Silver Plating

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lavorazioneSilver is chemically indicated with the symbol Ag. An extremely ductile and malleable metal, with a glossy white color, silver has been always been used for making jewelry, silverware (branch regarding cutlery, picture frames, trays, kettles and so on), and also to produce coins. It is also used in chemical applications related to stages of photo developing and printing.

Through special processes it is possible to use silver to coat other metals: a type of processing that is called "plating" and can be carried out in various ways. The mechanical methods include rolling and extrusion procedures, that can be carried out at both cold and hot. The procedures at hot temperatures allow the fusion in the solid state of the base material and silver, thus ensuring greater consistency to the finished product compared to procedures at cold temperatures. By contrast, the process of plating causes thickening, requires the use of higher amounts of noble metal, and does not allow the restoration of eventual worn or damaged parts of the finished product.


Our Silver Plating process

Argentatura - Argentar s.r.l.ARgentAR s.r.l. produces galvanized coatings in silver: the silver-plating bath is brightened with organic additives that give a particularly white deposit with outstanding penetration. The galvanic coating is executed for decorative purposes, but the procedure also offers additional advantages, such as protection against corrosion (the degradation process of the product and its recomposition with other elements), protection against wear, and the possibility of restoration of worn or simply undersized parts.

The electroplating procedure of ARgentAR s.r.l. is made using special electrolytic baths with organic additives, that give sheer quality and which give the finished product an aesthetically shiny, uniform look, and free of any imperfections.

Argentatura - Argentar s.r.l.


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