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What we do

Our processes are:


Silver Plating

Old Silver and Gold Plating



Palladium Plating

Black Palladium Plating

24Kt Gold Plating

18Kt Pink Gold Plating

Acid Copper Plating

Rhodium Plating



Argentar s.r.l. - Materiale in 

LavorazioneClarification: All our deposits are certified free of nickel (EN 1811-2011), cadmium (UNI EN 1097/2006), lead (legislation RHOSS USA).

We treat tube earrings, chains of all types, necklaces, bracelets, glossy and matte pendants, electro format products. We specialize in treating earrings and other super light items.

We solve most of the inherent problems of galvanic depositing on base metals. At the moment we do not treat aluminum if not already copper plated, but we can galvanize small already metallized plastic pieces, precious stones and semi precious stones.

The sequence of work involves an ultrasonic cleaning process to further clean the delivered pieces that are then activated with an electrolyte solution and galvanized in an optimized sequence to get the best result.

The workshop is equipped with a X-ray fluorescence measurer that allows to certify the quality and measure the thicknesses deposited.Argentar s.r.l. - Materiale in 


An electrophoretic coating system with an ceramic nanoparticle based paint not only allows to protect the treated items from oxidation but also gives the surface of the item an incredible resistance to abrasion.


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