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Argentar s.r.l. deals with galvanic treatments, aimed to give metal a coating formed from molecules of another metal, using electroplating.
The galvanic treatments range from a simple gilding to plating and / or depositing on metals such as silver, gold, bronze, brass and copper.
Argentar s.r.l. offers its services in Via dei Boschi 20 Badia al Pino - Civitella in Val di Chiana 52041 (AREZZO)

You can contact Argentar s.r.l. at +39 0575 410410



Argentar s.r.l.

electroplating, galvanizing, precious metals and precious metal alloys, gold, rhodium, silver and palladium plating.Argentar s.r.l.

Via dei Boschi 20 
Badia al Pino - Civitella in Val di Chiana
52041 Arezzo - Italy

Tel. 0575 410410

VAT No. IT01782180515
Share Capital € 60.000,00

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